Why We Sleep: Mechanics

Note: As an aside, you may notice that this is not the same book that was referenced in the previous two blog posts — this will probably be pretty typical in this blog post for the sole reason that I enjoy reading multiple books at a time. Increasing cognitive strain on recall has been shown to improve […]

Sapiens: The Cognitive Revolution

In the last summary, we explored how our cognitive abilities gave us some advantages in adapting and surviving in the savannah scene. This, however, begs the question of how it was that we proceeded from there to being the dominant creature on the planet. The core idea, which happens to be a running theme throughout […]

Sapiens: Emergence of Sapiens

(Just as an aside, I’ll try to make these posts over the course of 10 minutes at a time, so they’ll likely be quite short.) The history of humankind began with many variants of humans, i.e. many different species under the general genus of Homo. Clearly, the planet today demonstrates that we only have one remaining: Homo sapiens. […]

The Feynman Technique

Having become more singularly focused on streamlining my life towards goals, on both a micro and macro scale, and, in the process, reading more, I’ve been noticing a surprising lack of detailed retention of the material I read. Sure, I’m able to grasp and hold onto takeaways from reading books that constitute their main ideas, […]