Below are notebooks (organized by topic and then alphabetically) of the books I’ve read. I’m making it an effort to maintain these book notes for three reasons:

  • Helps me organize thoughts regarding the important takeaways from the books and serve as a way for me to refer back to review the material from books in times past
  • Solidifies memory/knowledge from these books through taking these notes for the intention of teaching others the takeaways
  • Serve as a means to open discussion with others about the books

I still highly recommend not just reading my summaries in place of the books, once again for a couple reasons (note: I generally read non-fiction, so these takeaways are not as pertinent for fiction books):

  • Books, while their takeaways can typically be summarized in a couple sentences (at least those books that are well-written), will have stories that make the remembering of such takeaways easier and also evidence that will compel you to believe or at least consider the takeaways rather than assuming them on blind trust
  • Books will have parts that resonate more with certain people more than others. Therefore, reading a summary by another person (including myself) will subject the material through some funnel that may exclude many tidbits that would resonate better with you

Anyway, here are the books and corresponding Evernote notebooks:

  • Business
  • Philosophy
  • Self-Improvement
  • Science