About Me

My name is Yash Patel. I’ll go ahead and assume you aren’t here to read a whole biography about me, so here are some quick facts before you go check out the other stuff on my website/blog:

  • I’m currently a software engineer at Oculus VR (Facebook)
  • I’m really interested in machine learning, computer vision, AR/VR, and education
  • I graduated from Princeton (2018) as a math major and certificates (minors) in CS and SML (statistics/machine learning)

And (now that we have all the “bragging rights” stuff out of the way):

  • I’m a novice rock climber (but getting better every week!)
  • I really enjoy nature and hiking in the national parks
  • I’m an avid reader, and really enjoy self-improvement/productivity, technology, business, philosophy, and science books. My favorite books are Shoe DogMan’s Search for Meaning, and Harry Potter.
  • My favorite genres of music are hip-hop and indie rock, and my favorite artist is Kendrick Lamar

Quick Links

On this site, you’ll find:

  • A portfolio of my technical projects
  • My blog
  • A compilation of books I’ve read and Evernote summaries for them
  • My Impossible List (inspired by Thomas Frank, seen here)

For other needs, here is a compilation of links, most of which I use sparingly outside of GitHub and Goodreads. Note: I’m pretty bad about checking email, so if you want to reach out, the best way is probably just a message on Goodreads.